Heavy words…

Yes, words are heavy, in both meaning and weight. Three people have estimated the total load of our house and the six bookshelves full of books are the greater part of it. According to them, the load varies from 6500 to 8000 lb. They take care to weight it before sending it, so we will pay the true value, but still, I am a little amazed by these numbers. I did my best, I discarded a whole box of books, but I am the only one doing it, since the beloved husband declared recently « I bring all my books! » The battle is lost, the books have won.

Another thing that does not make things easier, all those forms and quotes are in English only because these companies have « american partners ». All those acronyms and legal gibberish are hard to understand, even for me, so  I guess I will study  logistics in the next few days.

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